About Woodland Plantation

Built in 1834, Woodland Plantation is the legacy of William Johnson, the first American chief river pilot and prosperous sugar cane baron. This was a time when sugar can flourished as the new “white gold.” Over the years Woodland withstood the torment of several hurricanes and saw many changes, including serving as a haven for bootleggers during prohibition.

Completely restored in 1998, Woodland is home to five unique buildings situated on 50 pristine acres along the mighty Mississippi River and stands today as the only remaining plantation home in the Delta on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

On the property, you can enjoy a walk along the river levee, do some birding, socialize in Spirits Hall or just relax on your porch. And don’t forget Buddy, the resident alligator, who is available for photo sessions most afternoons during the warm months.


Originally Established


Renovated & Opened as Inn

These natural habitats which contain a wide diversity of Flora and Wildlife provide as powerful an allure as that of its cultural heritage. On Woodland Plantation stands one of the oldest cypress trees in Louisiana. It has been named Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacy #4, September 2003.

Woodland Plantation is partner attraction of America’s Wetland campaign to save coastal Louisiana. America’s Wetland, a valuable landscape extending along Louisiana’s coast, is disappearing at a rate of 25 square miles per year. As it disappears, an area of world ecological significance and strategic importance to our national economic and energy security is at risk. Go to Americaswetland.com to learn more.

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Does this painting look familiar?

A Home on the Mississippi Currier and Ives

Look closer! The art work by Currier and Ives is actually Woodland Plantation.

Woodland‘s Big House was depicted in the famous painting, “A Home on the Mississippi.” It was commissioned by the United States government in 1871 as a part of a documentary program on the Mississippi River.


Woodland Plantation is home to five unique buildings on 50 pristine acres along the Mississippi River.